How To Improve Air Quality During Wildfires? – 4 Tips


Wildfires are natural events that can be scary for everyone experiencing them.

The results are not always friendly, and they can be dangerous even when it is happening miles away. Whenever there is a wildfire, authorities advise residents to stay indoors because of the thick envelope of smoke which is dangerous to human health. While staying inside, some smoke might escape into your home, and have you wondering:

How To Improve Air Quality During Wildfires?

  • Home air purifiers are essential in improving air quality during wildfires. They help filter smoke particles in the air and keep the quality of the indoor air high. Some wildfire smokes might carry chemical particles which are unhealthy to inhale. Home air purifiers help clean the air in your house clean.
  • You can also use a functioning air conditioning system to improve indoor air quality. However, AC might not be very useful in eliminating wildfire smokes totally but will help enhance air quality.
  • Air conditions are very useful when you are trying to improve air quality. It helps to improve the quality of your indoor air by constantly filtering and moistening the air. When there is moisture in the air, it makes breathing easier and much more refreshing. AC does not bring the outdoor air into your home, except you have a ventilation system that extracts air from outside and sends it inside. However, ventilator systems are mostly used for commercial purposes and not for residential homes. Air conditions can help to improve the quality of your indoor air by constantly filtering and moistening the air.
  • Humidifiers also help to filter and remove wildfire smoke from the house but not in large quantities. Humidifiers’ primary purpose is to improve air quality by moistening the indoor air and making breathing easy. Humidifiers are equipment specially built to help add moisture to air within a particular area. Of course, this process helps to improve the quality of indoor air and also makes breathing easier. However, in a case where you use humidifiers to remove smoke particles, it should only be temporary as they can not filter smoke out of your house. If you are experiencing a case of wildfire around your home, you should consider getting a fully functional air purifier to get maximum results on the quality of indoor air.

Also, to avoid it, Ensure that all vents and chimneys are closed including air conditioning outlets. Smokes can come in from anywhere, and you have to be extra cautious.

How Can I Improve The Air Quality In My Home Naturally After A Wildfire?

Keeping all ventilations open is an effective way of improving indoor air quality naturally. Ensure that all doors and windows are open. Your chimneys, kitchen, and toilet doors should also be kept open for easy inflow and outflow of air.

To quickly remove smoke particles naturally, avoid using the fireplace and wood stove in your home during this period.

Should You Run AC When Air Quality Is Bad?

If you are running your AC when the outdoor air is bad, you should ensure that the filters in your AC are very effective. While there is no significant evidence that air conditioners can totally remove bad air, they can be useful in moistening the air and removing pollutants.

When the filters are effective, pollutants from the outdoor air will be removed before circulating the air inside. The humid air circulated indoors by the air condition can help to improve the air quality.

wildfire smoke in air


What Is The Best Way To Remove Smoke From Your Home After A Wildfire?

When the smoke goes down, and the wildfire is out, the best option to remove smoke from your home is to maximize ventilation by opening windows and doors. Air inflow and outflow help remove contaminants, and this is the best and natural means you can improve the quality of air in your home.


Wildfires are very dangerous and terrifying. It becomes worse when it lasts for days, and the smoke from the wildfire covers the entire neighborhood. The best way you can protect yourself and your family from a wildfire is by leaving the environment and moving temporarily to a better place.

However, if you are stuck and can not move to another place, follow the procedures listed above to improve your indoor air quality and remove smoke from your home.

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