Does Replacing Bath With Shower Devalue House? YES But…

Baths are usually staples in any household. However, if there is not enough space in your bathroom, it might be tempting to remove the bath and get a space-saving shower instead.

Does Replacing a Bath with Shower Devalue House?

Replacing the only bath in your house with a shower can considerably decrease the resale value of your property. If you plan to sell your house, it’s recommended to keep at least one bath in your home.  Installing a shower-tub combo is better for smaller houses with only one bathroom than eliminating the tub and installing a shower.

Does having a full bath increase resale value?

A full bathroom can have a considerable effect on the resale value of your house. According to this survey done by the NAHB, it is clear that buyers expect at least one full bath when looking for a home. So, if you have the budget, now is a great time to install a sink, toilet, bath, and shower (or a shower-tub combo) and create a full bath in your home.

Just one full bath in the master bedroom is enough for the resale value to increase.

There is no need to build a whole new space for a full bath. Instead, you can convert an existing space into a full bathroom. Remodeling an existing bathroom will add the same value to your home as a new bathroom.

Bath  Shower
Great for relaxation Luxurious walk-in showers are in trend
A necessity for families with children/ pets More accessible for the elderly and people with mobility issues
Ensuite bathrooms with baths fetch a high price Takes up less space compared to tubs
Baths look more aesthetically pleasing Functional and convenient
Baths may make smaller bathrooms look cramped Having only a shower with no bathtub can devalue your house
Not ideal for the elderly or people with mobility issues Replacing the only bath in a house with a shower will likely deter potential buyers with children or pets.

Which bathroom should have a tub?

Baths may be going out of trend in the face of large and luxurious walk-in showers. However, they’re still a necessary component in homes for most people. As a result, replacing a bath with a shower will most likely devalue your house. But, while you’re living in your home, there’s no need to compromise your comfort over the potential resale value.

Instead, you can strategically have both a shower and a bath in your home.

The pros of having a bathtub in your home

These days, many homeowners are removing bathtubs from bathrooms during renovation. And, the main reason for eliminating bathtubs is that they take up too much space and are seen as old-fashioned. However, there is still an apparent demand for bathtubs in the market. Real estate experts even advise homeowners to refrain from removing bathtubs as it will significantly affect the house’s resale value.

Here are some reasons you need to have at least one tub in your home.

  • Baths are great for relaxation

Although baths are rarely used every day, a nice, long dip is invaluable when you want to relax and have some time to yourself. You will grow to appreciate your decision to keep at least one bath in your home on such days. And, when it comes to resale, you would have the perfect bathroom for potential buyers who love a relaxing dip on a stressful day.

  • They are a necessity for families with children/ pets

Is your ideal buyer a family with children? If yes, you definitely need to keep a bath in your home. Parents usually prefer to bathe small children in a bathtub rather than a shower. Families with pets will also likely look for a bathroom with a tub for bathing their pets.

  • Ensuite bathrooms with baths fetch a high price

If there is no bathtub in the master bathroom, it’s a good idea to install one to increase the value of your house. A master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom alone will raise the resale value of your home. And, if the ensuite bathroom is a full bathroom (with a bathtub), it will be possible for you to go for a premium price during resale.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing

Bathtubs come in a range of shapes and sizes. Because of this variety, baths stand out and set the atmosphere of any bathroom. So, having a bath can make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing. Although showers are convenient, they lack variety. So, it’s harder to make your bathroom more appealing with just a shower.

If you’re currently renovating your bathrooms, go for freestanding baths. These are usually placed in the middle of a bathroom and will instantly add a dramatic yet elegant and luxurious vibe to your bathroom.

The cons of having a bathtub

We cannot deny that many love a relaxing time in a tub. However, bathtubs also come with their own set of challenges. And, although tubs do have a demand in the property market, it’s not entirely impossible to sell your house for a good value without a bathtub.

Depending on your ideal buyer, removing a bath may not affect the resale value of your home at all.

  • Baths require high maintenance

Baths are awesome. However, at the same time, tubs are tough to maintain. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, cleaning takes much longer. Comparatively, maintaining a bathroom with a shower is a walk in the park.

  • They take up a lot of space

Bathtubs take up a lot of space and can make bathrooms feel cramped. In comparison, showers have a smaller footprint, making a bathroom appear more spacious.

  • Baths use up more water

You only use as much water as needed to clean your body with showers. However, it is always necessary to fill a tub up all the way when it comes to baths. And, this results in a lot of water being wasted.

  • Not for people with mobility issues, including the elderly

If a family member has mobility issues, accessibility to the bath will be one of the most pressing concerns. If your ideal buyer is a senior or a person with mobility issues, a bathtub may not be an option for them.

In these instances, showers are ideal as they can be equipped with slip-resistant tiles, shower seats, grab rails, and more. These bathroom fixtures will make it safer for them to move around the bathroom.

  • Baths are time-consuming

It takes a lot of time to fill a tub. So, most people opt for a quick and convenient shower instead of a bath in everyday life. A potential buyer with a busy lifestyle will likely not prioritize the availability of a bathtub when looking for a home.

What features does a buyer expect from your bathroom?

According to a survey done by the National Association of Home Builders, Washington, D.C., more than 74% of buyers want a full bath as a house’s primary bath.  A full bath includes a bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. In addition to a full bath, buyers also rated features including double vanity and private toilet compartments as desirable or essential.

Additionally, a buyer would expect these attributes in your bathroom.

  • Free up space

Cramped spaces are not attractive. So, if there is not enough space in your bathroom, it will likely put off potential buyers from considering your property. So, if you have the budget, try to renovate your bathroom to create more space.

You can replace existing fixtures with slimmer ones or use vertical space to free up your bathroom. Light colors can make areas appear wider. So, make sure to install light-colored fixtures and paint the bathroom walls in a lighter neutral shade. Visual tricks such as using smaller tiles can also emphasize the available space in your bathroom.

If you have a smaller bathroom, the chances are that the presence of a tub will make it appear even more cramped. Installing smaller-sized baths or using shower-tub combos instead of a separate bath and shower will free up more space.

  • Let the natural light in

Natural light is always the best for any bathroom. So, make sure that your bathroom is getting as much natural light as possible. Lack of proper lighting can cause spaces to look bleak and dull. If this is the case, all your efforts to improve your existing bathroom will be in vain. Installing bright LED light fixtures is a great solution to enhance your bathroom instantly.

  • Use colors wisely

Although patterns can add more character to your bathroom, neutral colors are the best choice to appeal to a broader range of buyers. So, always paint walls in neutral colors and make sure that your bathroom fixtures, including tubs, are neutral in color.

Most buyers are inclined towards houses with more than one bathroom. So, if there is only one bathroom in your home, it won’t be a bad investment to spend money on adding one more.

So, what is the ideal place to install a bathtub to increase the value of your property?

According to the current demand in the market, having a bathtub in the master bathroom is the best way to increase the resale value. If there is only one bathroom, it’s recommended to build an ensuite or even add a new bathroom instead of removing the bathtub of the existing bathroom.

Not everyone has the ability to do a full bathroom remodeling project. If you have budget constraints, instead of a new bathroom, go for a shower-tub combo.

The middle ground

shower tub combo


Bathrooms with a bath are still a must-have for buyers. So, keeping at least one bath in your home is recommended to suit the majority’s appeal.

But, it’s not always about the resale value. Unless you’re planning to sell it straight away, you’ll be living in your home for some time. So, the decision between tubs and showers is also a compromise between your comfort and the resale value.

Do you prefer showers over bathtubs? Then, it’s essential to find a middle ground where you get to enjoy the convenience of a shower without devaluing your house.

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds

If there are two bathrooms in your house, you can remove the bathtub from one bathroom without affecting the resale value. If your home has at least one bath, buyers will be more than happy. Best of all, you get to enjoy the convenience of a shower as well! It’s a win-win for both you and any potential buyer.

  • Install a shower-tub combo

For homes with only one bathroom, installing a shower-tub combo will be a good choice. These allow you to have both a shower and a bath in one room without taking up much space. And, if you have budget constraints, installing one of these instead of going for two separate fixtures will save more money.

That being said, if you do have space and more budget, having a separate shower and bath is by no means a waste. In fact, it will raise the value of your home even more. As separate fixtures allow two people to use the bathroom simultaneously, it’s more convenient, especially in master bathrooms. But, if the budget is a problem, a shower-tub combo is likely the best option to increase the resale value.

  • Add one more bathroom to your house

Having one bathroom with a bath is great. But, having two bathrooms is even more beneficial for the resale value of your house. So, rather than replacing your one bathtub with a shower and devaluing the property, we suggest you try this instead. With two bathrooms, you can have a tub in one and install a shower in the second. Although adding a new bathroom will be a much larger and more costly project, the return will be worthwhile.

Are you still undecided on whether to remove or keep your bath?

Here’s a quick run-down of the pros and cons of baths and showers.

Can your bathroom help sell the house?

A house with at least one full bath will likely have a high resale value. But, apart from making sure that the buyer’s demands are being met, you’ll also need to stage your bathroom well to sell your house.  So, make sure to keep your bathrooms impeccably clean.

Adding luxurious accessories and perhaps an accent of green will also help you present an ideal bathroom to your buyers. Another good tip is to keep the colors neutral in bathrooms. Doing this helps create a ‘blank canvas’ for your buyers. They can envision their tastes on that blank canvas, making it easier for them to arrive at the buying decision.


So, do you need a tub in a house for resale?

Not necessarily. However, having a bathtub will indeed increase the resale value of your house considerably. So, property experts always advise homeowners to keep one tub to increase resale value. However, if you’d rather have a shower in your home, go for it. Your bathroom can always be changed in the future when you actually decide to sell your house. However, you can never change memories of the time you live in your home. So, always aim to build your bathrooms according to you and your family’s preferences.

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