Why Does Electric Shower Switch Burn Out?


Shower switches tend to have longer lifespans when turned off because they were designed to be turned off. When you keep on turning them off and on, this can lead to damaging the switch. In addition, the switches can have varying qualities; the ones with poor quality have short lifespans, so they will likely break or burn out quickly.

The wiring of the shower switch can be another factor in the switch burning out; bad wiring and loose connections can also damage the switch. An electric shower switch can be annoying if not handled well, and you can replace it more than four to six times a year.

Why Does Electric Shower Switch Burn Out?

The main reason the electric shower switch gets burned is bad wiring and loose connections, as they can generate excessive heat. When the switch’s heat starts to rise, this will eventually burn the switch; the heat is generated when the electricity flows through the wires of the switch.

The excessive heat can cause the wires to melt down, and other serious problems like the shower isolator switch not working. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on the temperature of the switch after using it. If you notice that you finished using the shower and the switch is hot, it can be an early sign of bad wiring or loose connections.

How to Know if Electric Shower Switch is Overheating?

You can know if your electric shower switch is overheating by smelling a fish smell in your shower; the smell is considered a sign of melted plastic. If you have an overheated electric shower switch, the inner plastic in the casing will probably start to melt down first.

Therefore, if you have smelled something burnt or fish in your shower, the chances are high that the switch is overheating and the inner plastic is melting. You will need to locate the source of this smell immediately and don’t use your shower before fixing this problem.

How To Replace a Burnt Electric Shower Switch?

  • Cut Off the Power
    First, cut the power off the board to ensure no electricity is flowing through; you can’t miss this step as it is very important; otherwise, you can get yourself electrocuted. Remember, electricity is fatal, causes many serious injuries, and may lead to death; you must be careful.
  • Remove the Cover
    Next, using a suitable screwdriver, unscrew the cover carefully not to apply too much force on the cover so it doesn’t break; switches’ covers are made out of plastic and can easily break, especially if you have a poor quality switch. Therefore, when unscrewing the cover apply pressure as much as needed, not too much.
  • Observe the Wiring
    After using a screwdriver to remove the switch’s cover, you can see the wiring of the switch. You need to observe the wiring and remember it so you can install the new switch. If you have no experience in wiring or you are a beginner, you should read about the basics of wiring before starting.
  • Install the New Switch
    After removing the screws and observing the wiring of the switch, you can now install the new switch by connecting the wires correctly to it. If you find yourself stuck at any point in connecting the wires, you can refer back to the basics of writing you have looked up before.
  • Install the Cover
    After connecting the new switch and making sure that the wiring is correct, you can now install the cover of the switch. When installing the cover, you must ensure you don’t cramp the wires while screwing the cover. Cramping the wires can lead to problems in the future, like the switch doesn’t work.

What Are The Reasons for Electric Switch Breaking Up?

  • Switch Has Poor Quality

The first thing to think of when looking for a reason why the switch keeps breaking up is the quality of the switch. Poor quality switches normally have short lifespans and can bear continuous usage; they can break or burn easily during a short time. So when buying a switch for your electrical shower, you should choose one of high quality.

In some cases, the quality should be chosen over the price, especially when buying something related to electricity. Electricity problems are serious because they can expose your life and others to danger. However, this doesn’t mean that all low-price switches have poor quality, but you need to make sure that they are from an authorized seller when buying a low-price switch.

  • Crowded Wiring

If you have a good quality switch, you can move to the next reason, cramped or crowded wiring; when screwing the cover, you might screw it very tightly, which can cause the wires to get cramped and get pushed inside. In addition, the camping of the switch can put pressure on the switch, and when you turn the switch on, this leads to damaging the switch.

The compressed wiring can also be a reason for the wearing getting cut off or torn; you can avoid this problem by using a screwdriver and loosening the cover a little bit which will make some space for the wires, so they are not compressed anymore.

  • Loose Connection

Loose connections can cause many problems with your electric shower switch; when a wire has a loose connection, it creates resistance in the circuit. Resistance is the reason why electric wires heat up; when resistance gets higher, this generates more heat which can cause the wires to melt down or the plastic in the switch.

If you sense that your switch is heating up after using it, you will need to check it for any loose or faulty wires. You can fix these loose connections using a screwdriver; in addition, check for any weakly connected wires so you can handle them before they disconnect or get loose.


To sum up, loose connections and bad wiring can cause many problems; one problem is excessive heat. For example, it can start heating up when an electric shower switch suffers from loose connections or bad wiring. The reason for this heat is when a wire has a loose connection; it creates resistance in the circuit.

Resistance is the reason why electric wires heat up; when resistance gets higher, this generates more heat which can cause the wires to melt down or the plastic in the switch. As a result, the switch can get burnt out. You will need to fix any loose connections or bad wiring to avoid this problem. 

You can use a screwdriver to unscrew the cover of the switch, but you will need to do it gent;y to avoid breaking the cover as they are made out of plastics. Next, you will be able to see the wiring of the switch, start looking for any loose connections or bad wiring and then fix them. The last step is reinstalling the switch cover but avoiding cramping the wires when screwing the cover.

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