Do Duplexes Have Separate Water Meters? Here is the answer

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The charges incurred by water usage are as crucial as the rent of the duplex you’re living under. The city uses water meters to determine this bill.

They are the fairest way to pay your water bills because the water meter charges basis on the actual amount of water passing through your pipes and outlet. It is due to the fairness of the water meter charge method that you might ask the question; 

Do duplexes have separate water meters? 

Duplexes have separate water meters. However, older duplex properties may have a single meter between units, and newer and modern duplexes use separate water meters. If you are living in a modern property, then you don’t have to worry about the metering because they are separated.

You may be wondering if you should pay all the bills for a shared water meter, how to apply for a separate water meter, and the cost of installing separate meters in your home. Not to worry, in this article, I have explained everything you need to know about sharing water meters and the cost of installing separate meters. Ensure you read to the end to find all the information you need.

Should Duplexes Have Separate Water Meters?

Duplexes should have separate water meters. Each unit should have its meter; these meter provisions will make life less complicated and easier. Unfortunately, some old duplex buildings have one meter shared by all units. Sharing one meter can result in unfair billings and complications. 

Therefore, if you are buying or leasing a duplex, it is essential to read your lease agreement carefully. Establish if the property has a shared meter or single meters for each unit. Without reading the contract, you might encounter unexpected and nasty surprises in the long run.

How To Apply For a Separate Water Meter?

To apply for a separate water meter, there are step-by-step procedures you must take to ensure you are in compliance with the city regulation. You have to fill out and submit your city water department/services. Follow the procedure below to apply for a separate water meter

Prepare Your Information

Ensure you have all information needed for the application. You can get advice from a qualified person for more insight. This information is necessary for your application.

  • Property address – This is the legal address that rhymes with your city council numbering.
  • Give your D.P numbers and your property certificate of title. (that is if your property has a separate title).
  • The property owner’s information/details.
  • The onsite contact (the plumber or builder).
  • The water meter account number; You can find the water meter account number on top of your water bill.
  • The water serial number; Consult the details/consumption part of your water bills for the water meter serial number to see the serial number.
  • If it is available, your CCBRCN (City Council Building Resource Consent Number).

In addition to these specifications needed above, you will also give;

  • A description of your current meter location.
  • Give an estimate of your average daily water usage in liters per day.
  • Indicate if you have any water development contribution paid to your council or other bodies.

After filling in this information, submit the application form. Apply at least six to seven weeks ahead of schedule to ensure ease of response.


The City Council will review your application. If your application is complete, you will receive an application number. If it requires more requests, you fill in the requirements, and the review continues. Next is a technical assessment of the plans and logistics of changing your meter connection. The City council will calculate the cost of installation and apply a charge. You will receive an invoice for both the cost of equipment and technical support.


After making payments, the city will send a representative to install a new water meter upon your invoice payment.

What Is The Cost Of Installing Separate Water Meters?

The average cost of installing a separate water meter is $700-$2000. This cost is most affected by labour costs and equipment costs. But you will not need to buy any of these if the water authorities send a technician to install the water meter. Please note that you do not have the legal right to install your water meter yourself.

We strongly advise you not to DIY.

Do Apartments Have Separate Water Meters?

No! The Majority of apartments do not have separate meters. Commonly, apartment buildings use a single water meter for the entire building. The water bill is shared equally between the tenants, or the water bill is paid by the landlord and charged to the tenant’s rent.

Having an apartment with a single water meter always results in lots of problems like:

  • Billing Issues: All tenants pay equally despite the number of persons living per unit.
  • Wastage of Water: Tenants may be careless with their water use; there is no way to regulate water wastage.
  • High Water Bill: Water wastage leads to higher bill rates. The Single meter will cost more money.

What Is A Shared Water Meter?

A shared water meter is a meter that measures the amount of water used by all tenants in a dwelling and areas outside the front door. The tenant pays for service to both sites. Services used outside tenants’ homes may include maintenance of equipment used in the building.

How To Address Water Usage Bill On Duplex?

if you are looking to address the total water usage in your duplex then there are certain factors you must follow. Listed below are some of the factors that address water usage bills in duplexes:

  • Water Commodity Charge: This is the charge based on the total amount of water used for a month.
  • Wastewater Charge: This charge is the total water used during the last winter wastewater period.
  • Environmental Quality Regulator State Charge: This charge is a regulatory assessment charge; it is usually 0.5% of your total bill.
  • Base Service Fee: This is the trash and recycling service fee charge.
  • Stormwater management fee: This charge is for managing the city stormwater system.

Should I Pay All The Bill If I Use A Shared Water Meter?

Once you share a water meter, you should not pay all the bills. Bills from a shared water meter should be cut across the users per unit, or the property owner or the landlord can bill it into the rental charge. If you are paying the bills of a shared meter alone, you should talk to your landlord or consider getting a separate water meter. 


Separate water meters are the best for duplexes. You get the exact amount of water you utilize and avoid unfair treatment, billings, and problems with individual water meters. When you buy or rent a duplex, endeavor to get one with a separate water meter.

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