Can I Put Line & Load Wires In The Same Conduit? (Quick Fact)

Practicing DIY tasks to improve your home electrical system can become stressful, especially if you do not have an expert to make immediate inquiries from. You may have faced situations where you want to run electric cables into your home, and you get confused on which wire should go where especially when there are lots of them.

The wire feeding electricity into your home is the Line wire, and the wire circulating electricity to different points in the house is known as the Load Wire. This scenario will prompt you to ask questions like

Can I Put Line And Load Wire In The Same Conduit?

You can’t and should not put both Line and Load Wires in the same conduit if you are making an electrical connection at home. They serve different purposes and should not be in the same conduit because of their varying roles in home electrical connections. 

This makes them two different wires, each serving its own specific purpose.

You may be wondering how many wires you can run in one conduit hole and what will happen if you switch the line and load wires. Not to worry, in this article, I have outlined everything you need to know about putting a line and load wire in the same conduit. But before then, let’s see if you can put line and load wire in the same conduit.

What Happens If You Switch Line And Load Wires?

Switching Line and Load Wires will not cause much of an effect and is nothing you should be worried about. This is because the wires can always serve the same purpose when interchanged. While one of the wires serves the mains, the other is in charge of serving the points in the home.

Line and load wires do not have particular differences. What makes them different is in the purpose they serve and the fact that line wires are always made of copper since it has to be thick enough to conduct the voltage supplied from the high tension to the mains without melting.

However, both are wires, and if they are of quality, they can perform the same function when interchanged.

Can I Put Two Wires In One Conduit?

You can put two or more wires in the same conduit as long as they serve similar purposes. However, your primary concern should be if the space in your conduit is big enough to accommodate both wires. If it is, then you can put two wires in the same conduit.

As a general rule, you should ensure that the conduit is big enough to accommodate the wires. Avoid crowding of wires in conduits so as not to cause heating in the pipes. Also, make sure that there is enough room between the two wires so that they don’t touch. If they do, a short circuit can occur, thereby damaging the cables and possibly causing a fire.

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Line and load wires generally serve different purposes and putting them in the same conduit defeats their essence. While the line load supplies electricity to the mains, the load wire distributes electricity in the home. These are two different functions, and they need separate conduits to work.


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