Can I Build A Duplex On A Half Plot Of Land?

Can I Build A Duplex On A Half Plot Of Land


We’ve all seen huge houses in the suburbs with multiple stories and wondered how they squeezed that into a half plot of land.  Moreso a duplex which we all know is usually big since there are many rooms. You may be wondering:

Can You Build A Duplex On A Half Plot Of Land?

You can build a duplex on a half plot of land, and it will contain two units of mini-flats and considerable space for a parking lot. Contrary to some estimates and beliefs, you can easily accommodate a semi-detached three-bedroom duplex on a half plot of land. 

Real estate developers often inspect the land size to determine what property fits on a plot. They also consider the location before erecting structures. If you want to build a duplex, here is what you need to know.

What Is A Duplex?

A duplex is a building that has two units, one on top of another. Duplexes are often used as affordable housing options for people who want to own their own home but don’t have enough money to buy an entire home.

For example, you could buy one unit of a duplex and rent out the other, or you could buy both and live in one while renting out the other.

In most cases, each unit in a duplex will have its entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living space. However, some duplexes share common walls or even floors between them. The main difference between these types of duplexes is whether they share walls.

How Big Is Half A Plot Of Land?

Typically, a plot of land is 60ft × 120ft, and some real estate agents have started using the 50ft × 100ft. Then a half plot of land will be one plot divided by two, which will be 30ft × 120ft, 60ft × 60ft, or 50ft × 50ft.

Sometimes when people talk about a half plot of land, they describe it as a very small piece of land. However, it’s not, and you can even build a duplex or a standard building with extra space to park cars on it.

Difference Between A Duplex, Mansion, And A Flat

A mansion is a big house that can accommodate the owner, their family, and several other servants, and the house helps. A mansion is between 5000 and 8000 square feet; however, the specific of what a mansion is based on opinion and location.

A duplex on the other side is a multi-family home with two units in the same building. It shares a single wall, but on the different floors, the units can stay side by side or on each other. A flat is a self-contained unit that is a part of a large building.

Types Of Duplex

Knowing the kinds of duplex you can choose will guide you in which one you want to build on your half plot of land. First of all, a duplex has two family units. There are the following;

1. Standard Duplex

This duplex has a two-story house and a staircase connecting the two places. The lower floor has the living room and the kitchen, while the upper house has the bedrooms.

2. Ground Duplex House 

This duplex house has a garden and bedrooms on the lower part, while the kitchen and living rooms will be on the upper part. This kind of duplex is suitable for people who like gardens.

3. Low Rise Duplex

This duplex has an attic on the top floor and spacious balconies. This kind of duplex does not need a large plot of land.

How Many Plots Of Land Do I Need For A Duplex?

You can build a duplex with a half plot of land or even one plot of land and above. However, you need to determine the kind of duplex you want, whether it’s a detached duplex, terrace duplex, or semi-detached duplex. The plot of land you will need differs among the different types.

A detached duplex is a single duplex on a piece of land. A terrace duplex consists of four duplexes and a single wall. A semi-detached duplex is joined together on a plot of land. Which one you want between the three will determine the plot of land.

What Can I Build On Half A Plot Of Land?

So many misconceptions exist in the real estate industry about buying or owning a half plot of land; people believe you can’t build something serious with it. If you have a half plot of land and are thinking of what you can make on it, you should read this to the end.

The truth is that you can do a lot with a half plot of land, whether the 50ft × 50ft, 60ft × 60ft, or even the 30ft × 30ft. Check below for a few things you can build on this land size.

Residential Buildings

If you are thinking of having a residential building on a half plot of land but are unsure if that’s possible, this list will change your mind. You can build a;

  • 2-bedroom flat and extra space for a parking lot that can accommodate three cars
  • 3-bedroom flat and additional space for a parking lot for three cars
  • 4-bedroom flat and additional space for parking two cars
  • Unit of self contain room, two units of one bedroom flat and parking space for three cars
  • Four units of a one-bedroom flat. 

Commercial Buildings

If you are considering building a commercial building on a half plot of land, below are the possible constructions you can make.

  • Eight big shops
  • Beauty shop and a gym
  • A bar
  • Poultry
  • A mini supermarket 

Public Buildings

You can also construct public buildings on a half plot of land; below are a few ideas;

  • School
  • Church
  • Mosque
  • Hospital

With the help of a sound engineer and a creative architect, you can achieve everything on the list with your half plot of land.

Factors To Consider When Planning A Duplex

Before building a duplex house, knowing what you want is best. The more specific you are with your plans, the better. Here’s what you should consider when planning a duplex.

  • The structure of the duplex— Duplexes come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what kind of duplex you want. Do you want it to be two separate units or one large unit split down the middle? Do you want a garage on each unit, or will there be one shared space for both?
  • Rooms and features — Will either unit have an office or guest room? Will they have their bathrooms? What kind of kitchen do you want? How many bedrooms does each unit need?
  • Location — Where will the duplex be located? What’s around it? What are the neighbors like?
  • Style — Do you want modern, traditional, or something else entirely? Is there any particular style of home that stands out as something you can see yourself living in long-term?


A half-plot building seems like a curious combination to some people primarily because they don’t know how big half a plot is. Also, they assume duplexes need so much space.

Can you build a duplex on a half plot of land? While it is certainly possible for you to build a duplex on a half plot of land, you’ll have to take a different approach than someone building on a full plot.

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