Muhammad Yasser

Muhammad is an ambitious person, always eager to learn. He found his passion in helping people, and this by writing DIY and Home Improvement articles.

Giovanna Soto

My name is Giovanna, and I’m a Med Student from Venezuela. My not-so-hidden passion for writing and research led me to start working as a freelancer in 2016, and it’s been quite an exciting journey ever since. Speaking three languages (Spanish, English, and Italian) also contributed a lot by opening many doors for me in this field. I love to write my articles the way I would love to read them, engaging, full of interesting facts about the topic, and easy to follow, making them valuable for many people. I like my job as a freelancer because I get to try and learn new skills with each new job, so I’m always excited to start new projects and for what’s next.

Israel Olabode

Israel is a passionate writer and smart house enthusiast. He is passionate about how to improve or renovate the home. He loves to write helpful tips, DIY,  how-to topics, in this space.

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Inemesit Etim 

The Author, Inemesit Etim is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. He completed his University Education in 2020 and has been working as a freelance Graphics designer since 2016. Having explored the nukes and cranny of freelancing, he started his writing career in 2019. He has written for Local and International blogs and hopes to explore more opportunities in content creation.

Ayesha Ahmed is an English Literature graduate. Right now she is working as a teacher as well as a home, DIY writer. Apart from that, she is also a home enthusiast who loves learning and writing about different home maintenance topics.



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